How to choose underwear?

85% of women wear an inappropriately sized bra and almost always it is the too big size. This is a serious mistake because of the poorly-designed bra of ageing, thickens and distorts the right proportions of the figure. Also, improperly selected panties can emboss the rollers on the belly or stand under the clothes. How to choose underwear? A few tips will be found below.

Appropriate bra

The bra must have a suitably matched circuit. It can not move upward when you make a move - it means the bra is too big. He must cautiously tighten your body (if you believe statistics, more closely than the one you are wearing). A properly fitted bra neck provides 90% bust support!

Do not shorten straps too straighter. They provide only 10% support. Yes, if they are slipping off their shoulders, it means they are too loose. However, if they are in their arms, leaving their marks behind, they are definitely too short.

When buying a bra always check its circumference by fastening it to the last, most expensive embroidery. Why? Because with time the bra will stretch and when it becomes too loose, it will cease to fulfil its role. You do not want to narrow it in a few months.

Your bust can lose firmness for many reasons: pregnancy, ageing, weight changes. However, a properly selected bra can restore the breast of their old elasticity. What kind of bra? With stiffened cups. It is a miracle to have rigid, contoured cups similar in touch to a thin foam. They give the breasts beautiful shape and provide excellent support. They do not have any inserts inside, they naturally round and lift their breasts making them look like 20 years old.

Invisible underwear

If you wear thin, translucent pants or dresses, you do not want underwear underneath. So thong is the best choice - whether you like it or not. To increase the comfort of wearing this type of panties, look for delicate, thin fabrics like microfiber. If you prefer more built-in underwear, choose shorts with a bit boyish cut, with straight, slightly cut legs. They also under thin clothes are virtually imperceptible. Regardless of what you choose, the shape of your underwear should match the shape of your clothing, ie do not wear high-tops to skirt-hips.

Hiding "rollers"

Slimming underwear can hide all the imperfections of your figure. No gym is necessary. On such underwear, clothes are laid smoothly on the mannequin. Today's slimming underwear is not a grandma's reform. It is made of thin, invisible fabric that adheres to the body like the other skin. The slim shorts shown in the photo will let you hide excess fat on your belly, firm your buttocks and thighs. Solo may not look very attractive, but when you dress a tight suit, you will appreciate their power.


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